Kratom’s popularity is greatly increasing. If you are here then you have realized this and want to be on the forefront to find out more about this popular substance. It is a drug but it is still legal to buy kratom; with the exception of Thailand and a few other countries.

The history of Kratom

It originated in the countries south of China. These are Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. It grows wild in these countries and ancient natives started using it long before we knew it existed.


The leaves were harvested, dried and crushed then they would be used to make tea. It was mostly used for its medicinal effects which included; treating stomach pains, numbing wounds, reducing pain and even to remove belly worms.

In the 19th century its sedative properties were identified and studies into its use in medicine started. This led to its use as a substitute for other sedatives. People also started using it as a stimulant. Lately organizations such as the DEA and FDA have been threatening to ban its use but it hasn’t been done.


Benefits of Kratom

Medicinal value

Evidence has clearly proven that Kratom has plenty of medicinal applications. It can be used as a sedative; the use of kratom has been known to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression and even heart disease.


It has also been used for pain relief since it has alkaloids similar to morphine and codeine but it presents a lower risk of addiction. It helps its users sleep better which adds to the general health of a person.

Overcoming withdrawal symptoms

Kratom is best known for its use in rehab. Addiction to stronger drugs such as cocaine and heroine can be cured with the help of Kratom. It is not directly used as a cure, rather its purpose is to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and make the rehabilitation process more bearable.



When taken in small doses kratom increases blood flow throughout the body, giving you more energy to go about your daily work. It also increases blood flow to the brain making you more alert and in a better position to think.


It acts on opiate receptors in the brain to help you use your brain for longer with better focus. For students it means you can study for longer and be in a better position to understand what you are reading.

It generally reduces fatigue allowing you to work for longer.

How to take it

It is commonly taken as a powder in tea or swallowed with water. Quicker methods such as capsules or pills are also available.


How you take it depends on the dosage you want, whether you want to enjoy it as a soothing tea or a quick stimulant before you start working.

Where to get it

There are many sources online that offer the various strains of Kratom. One of the best source is Thai Kratom, red vein, indo kratom, bali kratom etc. You have to make sure the source is credible and that they are licensed providers before you buy kratom.



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