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CBD Oil 101 – What You Should Know Before Buying CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is hemp or cannabis derived product that is quickly growing in popularity, and soon headed to mainstream acceptance. CBD oil is currently being used in a variety of products, such as balm, cosmetics, drops, tinctures, and edibles. CBD oil is even becoming accepted among pet owners because they can now use it to help their animals to live longer, healthy lives. The difference between the oil that is derived from hemp and that from cannabis is that the former does not contain other cannabinoids besides CBD.

If you are looking to buy CBD oil, it is essential that you understand the ins and outs of the oil, so that you can make a proper decision. for details you can visit Here are some of the things you should know about CBD oil.


Raw CBD oil vs. CBD Concentrate

Raw CBD refers to the oil that has been extracted either from the hemp or the cannabis plant, without any further modifications. When the raw product is put through a series of distillation and filtration processes, the unwanted products are extracted. Some of the extracted compounds include chlorophyll and waxes. When these compounds are removed, the resulting product has different levels of purity and CBD content. The refined oil is known as distillate or concentrate, and it has a greater effect than the raw form.


CBD from hemp vs. CBD from marijuana

Essential oils may be extracted from the hemp or from the marijuana plant. However, the oils derived from the marijuana are not legal in all the states because cultivation of marijuana is not accepted everywhere. Also, marijuana extracts may contain some levels of THC, which is the compound that gives the feeling of being high. Therefore, cannabis oil is often considered as a controlled substance. So, CBD from hemp plants is the most recommended as it is usually acceptable in most states and countries.


Full spectrum CBD oil

Raw extracts contain cannabinoid compounds that are similar to CBD as well as terpenes. Since it retains the original balance of the compounds found in the plant naturally, the oils are known as full spectrum.


CBD isolate

CBD may be isolated and purified too. In the CBD market, the pure product is known as isolate. When it is its pure form and at regular temperature conditions, the cannabinoids are known as solid crystals. Purified CBDs are usually colorless and odorless. The isolate may be taken either directly or as an additive in preparations like beverages and edibles. All the same, it is devoid of the other beneficial compounds found in the plant.


CBD rich oil

Another term that you may have heard is the CBD-rich oil. The term is used to refer to CBD oils that have been through distillation and filtration processes similar to the pure form. Here, the unwanted waxes and chlorophyll have also been extracted, hence the term.



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